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Genera AI Interior Designer
With our Interior AI designer, visualize a renewed perspective of your living space. As an advanced AI interior designer, it redesigns any room based on your preference. Upload a photo, select a style, and discover your room in a new light. Whether you appreciate the crisp aesthetic of a Miami modern interior or the authentic appeal of an industrial design, our AI-powered solution caters to your individual taste. Our AI Interior designer provides practical assistance for your upcoming redecoration or refurbishing projects.
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Arch-E: Architectural AI
Arch-E is a machine learning model trained on a dataset of thousands architectural images. It can generate images of buildings from text descriptions and can also render architectural sketches photorealistically.

How it works

Upload a Photo & Select a new Style
Begin your decoration project with a single photo of your space, whether it's a living room, bathroom or a bedroom in need of a fresh look. Upload your photo and let our AI designer get to work.
Review Your Redesigned Room
In under 30 seconds, AI will present you with a reimagined version of your room in your selected style. Review the redesigned image, and if you want generate again as many times as you need.
Shop Curated Items
The transformation doesn't end on-screen. AI provides a curated list of home decor items that match your new design. Every suggestion is tailored to help you recreate the look in real life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
We use computer vision and machine learning to understand the contents of your room and then apply a new style to it. Then AI designers searches for furniture and decor that match your new style.
Will anyone see my photos?
During free trial all generations are public. Once you subscribe, all the photos you uploadand generate are private and only you can see them.
What styles are available?
We currently support 30+ styles, including Industrial, Mid Century, Minimalist. We are constantly adding new styles as the trends change.
Is it free to use?
You'll have first few generations for free for, but to get the long term access, you'll need to purchase a subscription.
Is my payment secure?
We use Stripe, an industry standard payment processor, to handle all payments. We do not store any of your payment information on our servers.
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